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The Downloads Section

All the software on the following pages, remain the property of the individual author. Neither the author or Wimpbasic.Org can take any responsibility for loss of data. All software is used at the users own risk.

There is an awful lot of software to download so the individual pages have been split up into categories. On each page you choose to download the whole lot, or individual packages. You can download either the compiled application or its source file, its up to you.

All software that appears on these pages have been tested on Iyonix, and so will work on A9, unless they rely on specific hardware to work - such as the parallel (printer) port which is not on the later machines.

Please note that this software is designed for RISCOS computers only.

Important notes

1. To run the software you need the latest Wimpbasic modules. These can be obtained from the five sub pages of downloads or click here if you're feeling lazy! Please note to run the new 32 bit neutral programs you must have installed the new Wimpbasic modules and have a program compiled with the new 32 bit compiler. Simply installing the new modules will not allow existing programs to work.

2. The software has had only rudimentary testing. If it falls over please contact the original author. Please bear in mind some of the programs are quite old and newer versions may exist, or the programmer may not be part of the RISC OS scene.

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