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There is nothing more frustrating, after buying a new application, only to find that you are deserted after the briefest of guides. This part of the site is aimed at those that have completed the Hello World example and gone through the other brief articles. If you have not completed the Clares examples it is strongly suggested that you do so before attempting these projects.It is the first one produced on this site.

Wimpbasic can be used in a variety of ways, for writing complete applications, for writing software installers, or for adding front ends onto 'C' applications. If you have written a non desktop application in BBC Basic you can easily put a desktop front end on it. In fact tutorial one takes you through the process. The other tutorial provided, deals with Risc OS Screensavers.

If you have any problems with the tutorials, please email me direct at email.png - 823 bytesdetailing your problem. I will try to answer your problem, or at least point you in the right direction so that you can work out whats wrong.

Article TitleDescription
1. Getting started   : Getting started with Wimpbasic.
2. Interfacing Basic : Writing a front end for a BBC basic program.
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