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Welcome to the Wimpbasic.org Archive

It has been nearly 18 months since Wimpbasic.org went offline. However here are all the old titles, and resources that I accumalated during the time when Wimpbasic offered a simple way of getting programs up and running on RISC OS.

I do not plan to make any changes to the site however if you want to contact me please use emai1.png - 1976 bytes. Please note this is not a link.

What is Wimpbasic & who is it for?

Wimpbasic is an integrated development system for RISC OS programmers. The system is based around Basic 5, so if you can write programs in Basic you can develop Wimpbasic software to run in the desktop. Unlike other development systems Wimpbasic is one of the most integrated, it is not a shell as such, as all the wimp functionality is hidden. Design your windows, write your code, and then with two mouse buttons click to link your code to the button.

Wimpbasic can be used to write very simple programs. However the more experienced can write fairly complex software. It is however fair to say that it is not designed for major applications, for which C would be more appropriate. However it is an easy system to get you started on wimp programming. Have a look at tutorial one which is a simple window with a button to open another window.

Where can I get Wimpbasic ?

Wimpbasic is not currently in production, there is a free version lurking around but I'm not sure of its legal status with regard to copyright. CJE Micro's may still have a commercial copy for sale.

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